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Author: John M. Levesque [RDF, Bibtex, BibGraph] has 3 publications

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The Red Storm Architecture and Early Experiences with Multi-Core Processors. James L. Tomkins, Ron Brightwell, William J. Camp, Sudip S. Dosanjh, Suzanne M. Kelly, Paul T. Lin, Courtenay T. Vaughan, John M. Levesque, Vinod Tipparaju. IJDST 74-93 2010

Scalable Earthquake Simulation on Petascale Supercomputers. Yifeng Cui, Kim B. Olsen, Thomas Jordan, Kwangyoon Lee, Jun Zhou, Patrick Small, Daniel Roten, Geoffrey Ely, Dhabaleswar K. Panda, Amit Chourasia, John M. Levesque, Steven M. Day, Philip Maechling. SC 1-20 2010

A guidebook to Fortran on supercomputers. John M. Levesque, Joel W. Williamson. A guidebook to Fortran on supercomputers. I-VII, 1-218 1989